Tuesday, September 25, 2012

crazy hairstyles for kids

Short or long, dark or pale, your hair can easily become your route to self-expression with some creativity and a whole lot of daring. If you are ready to go that extra mile to stand out in the crowd you can go for Crazy Hairstyles that show off your beautiful wild spirit. The way you style your hair can really make heads turn when you introduce a personal touch. Mohawk is an intense hairstyle that can have many creative expressions. You can get a Mohawk hairstyle that lets the hair stand up in rooster fashion in a central spike. You can get a razored hairstyle with some parts of the hair razored carefully to make neat patterns. From stars, to human figures, to abstract design, to pretty leaves, you can make any kind of shape with some intricate razoring on your head.
If you are looking for regular hairstyles with a crazy touch use styling agents to let some of the hair stand up in peaks or stiff spikes. You can also go for dramatic waves and curls to make your hair look lively and crazy. As for colors you can really play crazy by dyeing your hair the shades of a rainbow, or purple and red combinations. Crazy hair accessories like a huge floral bow also pep up a regular hairstyle. For the ultimate touch of creativity fruits and veggies are right at hand for hair expression. A trail of lettuce leaves, or a pattern of orange peels running through the hair, can be your natural style statement with a wacky touch. Check out these crazy hair expressions.

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