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How to Make Straight Hair Curly

Every woman with straight hair has hoped at least once to make straight hair curly. The volume, the depth, the fun and the flirtatious nature of curly hair can help make you look thinner, younger and more attractive. Whatever the attraction, people spend mountains of money each year for help with the simple task of making waves and spirals in straight hair.
There is no ultimate right or wrong way to curl your hair. You always want to avoid damaging your tresses, but everything else really depends on your exact hair type. Most women already know specific tips that work for their hair, such as using hairspray before curling or waiting until your hair is a little dirty before curling. However, there are still a few tricks you can try for better results the next time you try to make straight hair curly.
Using curlers or a curling iron is fine if it works for your hair and will achieve the desired look. Curlers usually give a better look and last longer, but a curling iron is definitely much quicker. Gel or hairspray helps keep the volume and shape of curls in your hair. There is also a huge assortment of curly hair care products and curly hair conditioners  available if your waves need a little extra boost.
The use of a curling iron and bobby pins is a very popular method for professional stylists. Curlers can be the wrong size, take too long and leave creases or kinks in hair, breaking the curls. A curling iron can give great shape, it just needs a little help from the bobby pins to stick around.
Begin turning your straight tresses curly by brushing out a dry head of hair. Gather together the hair right above your forehead, in the bangs area, and pull it straight out. Wrap the hair around a large curling iron and hold for 2 to 5 seconds. Slip the curling iron out without destroying the curl. Use a bobby pin to pin the curl to your head. Repeat the process until your head is covered in pinned-up curls.
Spray an even, light mist of your favorite hairspray over your pinned curls to help make them last. Let the curls set for 15 to 20 minutes. Remove the bobby pins and let your curls fall loose. Use your fingers to help shape and style your hair. Add any final hair products and your curls are ready. 

How to Repair & Keep Hair Healthy

Over-styling is arguably the leading cause of hair damage today. Every time you get a perm, dye your hair, use heated styling implements, apply mousse or hair spray or even brush your hair, you are causing damage. Over time, this damage shows up as dry, frizzy hair; thinning, split ends; and discoloration. Often this might encourage you to use even more damaging styling techniques in an effort to hide these unsightly side effects.
While most damaged hair can't actually be repaired, the damage can often be stopped by changing a few bad styling habits, and a bit of extra hair care can prevent new growth from becoming damaged. In addition, some of the more unsightly damage can be masked or removed while you wait for healthy hair to grow.


Split ends, splintering and ragged thinning ends make up what is probably the most readily noticed and recognizable type of hair damage. There are some products on the market that claim to repair split ends, but such products are designed to smooth the ends and sometimes cause the two parts of the split to adhere together. Split ends can't truly be repaired, but they can be trimmed. Regular small trims can help keep your ends looking full and healthy, and trimming individual split ends with a pair of good hair scissors can help manage the damage between trims.

Moisturizing and strengthening

Hair needs moisture and protein to be healthy. These are two things that common styling practices strip out or seal out of the hair follicle. Dry hair will generally be rough, dull and frizzy. You should moisturize with good conditioners that are free of silicone-containing ingredients and use oils or hair lotions for an effective leave-in moisturizer. The exact oil or moisturizing product you use will depend on your hair type and the environment in which you live. Hair masks of honey, oatmeal or other protein-containing substances can help replenish much-needed protein, strengthening the hair and giving it a more vibrant look.

Changing damaging habits

Unless you change your styling technique, damage to your hair will continue to increase. Stop using heat styling implements, or at least turn down the heat and try to limit the duration. Cut down on perms and dyeing, and invest in a good wide-tooth comb instead of that hair-ripping brush. Pat hair dry after showers instead of "scrubbing" with the towel, and cut back on the amount of shampoo you use. These simple tips will help new hair come in healthy and strong while reducing the appearance of existing damage.

Hairstyling Don'ts - 10 Top Hairstyle Tips

Knowing what not to do to your hairstyle is just as important as what you do to create the hair of your dreams.  Like everything in life, there are dos and don'ts.
Listed below are the top 10 ten actions you don't want to take when it comes to styling your hair.
1.  Don't go to the salon unprepared to request the hairstyle you wish to wear.
Many hair consumers mistakenly believe that their hairdresser can work miracles, can read their mind and can instantly pick out the best hairstyle for them.
There are many variables to consider when it comes to selecting a hairstyle and it is up to the hair consumer to do their homework and research their own hair options.  Face shape, lifestyle and budget all play into the final style selected.
2.  Don't select a hairstyle or haircut that is impossible to maintain at home on your own.
While many Hollywood celebrities have a expert hairdresser at their fingertips to make sure their tresses look paparazzi perfect, most consumers have to deal with their hair without those constant hairdressing services. 
3.  Don't skimp on proper hair care or hair styling products
Some hair care lines sold in drugstores may work for some types of hair and some styles.  However, if you have highlighted or chemically processed hair or require added volume or control, the less expensive non-salon lines might not do the trick and could make styling your hair a constant challenge.
Consider your options.  You may be able to compromise by buying both mass market and high quality products and alternate between them for best results.  Or maybe your hairstyle requires high quality hair care lines.  Be honest and don't work hard to achieve a great style only to undermine it with products that don't support it.

4.  Don't use the wrong hairstyling tools
There are many different tools available to create fabulous styles.  These tools range from blow dryers and curling irons to hot rollers and round brushes.  Make sure you use the proper tools when re-creating your style. 
If you're unsure what tools to use, ask your hairdresser to give you a lesson at the salon.  It may be impossible to copy the style your professional hair consultant designed for you if you don't deploy the same styling techniques, products and tools.
5.  Don't overuse hairstyling products
Less is more when it comes to utilizing styling products.  If you overdo the gels, mousse and hair sprays you risk developing product build-up on your tresses which can make your hair misbehave. 
6.  Don't copy celebrity hairstyles without caution
Keep in mind that Demi Moore and Jessica Simpson can wear just about any hairstyle their heart desires because they have professional hairdressers custom designing those styles to maximize their best features and minimizing their less attractive.
What looks fabulous on Demi and Jessica may not look the same on you unless you truly look exactly like them, have the same type of hair and wear the exact shade of hair color and cosmetics.  Set fair expectations and you won't be disappointed.
7.  Don't ignore high end cosmetology schools as hairstyling options
Some of the higher end schools such as Toni & Guy and Paul Mitchell employ talented and seasoned professionals as instructors.  The schools have very high standards for the quality of hairdresser they turn out.  As a result, a high end cosmo school is a great place for getting some hairstyling work performed, even if it is just a slight shaping and trim to maintain your high priced style from a different salon.
In fact, a great option is to have your hairstyle created at a top notch salon but have maintenance performed at the cosmo schools to average out your hair style maintenance costs.
8.  Don't be a slave to hair trends
Hairstyles change constantly as fashion change.  Instead of being a slave to hair trends, find a hairstyle that works best for you and maintain that base look.  If you want to update your tresses to keep them looking fresh, opt for a change in hair color, highlights, lowlights or slight texture.  If you look great in a bob, keep that as your basic style but work with your hairdresser to keep it looking contemporary.
9.  Don't ignore hair accessories as a fabulous hairstyling option
Some hair consumers mistakenly believe that hair accessories are only applicable for young people or certain types of hair.  This is not correct.  Any hair accessory can be adopted for any age, hair type, texture, fashion or style.  Use these fabulous fashion accessories to instantly change your look without a trip to the salon.
10.  Don't count out hair extensions as a way to achieve different hairstyles
Whether you want a temporary hairstyle change that a clip-in hair extension can offer or a more permanent change for 3-4 months, hair extensions have come a long way towards affordability and high quality. 
The Jessica Simpson clip-in hair extensions are a great first step towards experimenting with new hairstyles in the privacy of your home in just a few minutes.
If you enjoy the clip-in extensions then be bold and try a partial head of fusion style hair extensions for more lasting hairstyle options.

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