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Shilpa Yoga : Class Introduction

Shilpa Shetty's Fitness Mantra - Yoga

When Richard Gere, fueled by the Endemol's British TV show Big Brother, started kissing Shipla Shetty on stage publicly as if there was no tomorrow and you sat otionless to gape at the spectacle hating Gere wholeheartedly, it was Shilpa's figure that stood out! A figure that is so perfect that she is usually the icon that the world knows Indian girls by. 
The Perfect 10 girl has what it takes simply by her diet and exercises.  Shilpha swears by yoga. She even teaches yoga, she is that kind of expert in it. She says that she was not serious about yoga when she started to practice it. Soon she realized, egged on by her yoga teacher, that yoga is something that touches the mind, body and soul. And, once you are hooked to it, it is for life. She ascertains that life changes for the better. When yoga comes into your life, it is a new way of life.   
She strictly adheres to her yoga routine. She is aware how yoga enhances concentration, how body maintains its flexibility and agility. With practice, the postures will improve and breathe control will be effortless.  She works out with the additional purpose of healing other than to strengthen the body. She know the value of music in unwinding. The relaxed atmosphere with apt music could give wonderfully effective results. 
She uses yoga to release stress and tension and to increase vitality. She knows how to maintain  a perfect blend of exercises and how to maintain the female figure that is accentuated by curves.
She has released a DVD, "Shilpha's Yoga" to be released in Europe. She makes the viewer privy to the knowledge about how she maintains her body lean and toned. At 33, she may not be getting any younger, but to look at her and her skin glowing, you would not believe she is 33. 
You would think that she must hardly be eating well and rich food should be out of bounds for her. No, she is not the one to push away a good meal. She does indulge herself now and then. It does not mean she stuffs herself with butter chicken and naan everyday. She eats well,  does her exercises and yoga until she is satisfied.  
Shilpa's breakfast consists of organic food that is fresh from the garden or fresh fresh jucices.  Not for her the frozen foods unless she is famished.  
Surprisingly, she loves eating out and goes for Chinese and Japanese food. But careful that she is, she does not go beyond sashimi or seaweed salad. She might add black cod and some soup. Carbonated drinks are not for her. They actively wrinkle the skin and dehydrate.  

Rachel Weisz reveals she was cut out of Terrence Malick’s next film

When an actor wins an Oscar, it always ups their visibility. Studios want to cast them, directors want to work with them, and audiences want to see them again. But how can they see you, if you're cut out of the finished film?
That has apparently happened to Rachel Weisz, Academy Award winner for Best Supporting Actress in 2006's "The Constant Gardener." She filmed a role in the upcoming drama "To the Wonder" for the acclaimed but enigmatic director Terrence Malick, who made last year's Oscar-nominated "The Tree of Life".  However, in an interview with Italy's "La Stampa," Weisz revealed that her part has been edited out of the finished film.
Weisz said that she took the job for the chance to work with the legendary filmmaker, but that none of the scenes she filmed over several days made it into the final cut.  She said, "I had the experience of working with him but I will not have the pleasure of seeing my work."
It's almost unheard of that a major star like Weisz would get edited out of a movie like this.  Besides being an acclaimed, award-winning actress, Weisz has appeared in many blockbuster hits, including the current release "The Bourne Legacy."  Terrence Malick, though, has a habit of leaving big names on the cutting room floor.
In addition to Weisz, actors Michael Sheen, Amanda Peet, and Jessica Chastain (Oscar-nominated last year for "The Help"), were also apparently dropped from Malick's new film. "To the Wonder" is the story of an Midwestern man (played by Ben Affleck) who marries a European woman (Olga Kurylenko) in Paris. But when they return to the U.S., their marriage starts to crumble and he is drawn back to his old love (Rachel McAdams).
Ben Affleck and Rachel McAdams in 'To the Wonder'
Malick has been able to draw huge names to his movies ever since he returned to filmmaking after a self-imposed 20-year absence.  And he's still able to get actors to sign on to his projects, even though there's no guarantee they'll be in the completed film.
In 1998's "The Thin Red Line," stars Gary Oldman, Mickey Rourke, Viggo Mortensen, Bill Pullman, and Martin Sheen all were cast in roles that were eventually dropped from the picture.  Reportedly, Malick's first cut of the film ran upwards of six hours long, which was later trimmed down by more than half to under three hours.  Billy Bob Thornton also recorded narration for the entire film which was also later deleted.
Not all of the actors who worked with Malick were as gracious as Weisz about being cut out. Adrien Brody had one of the biggest parts during the filming of "The Thin Red Line," but the role was severely edited down.  He told "The Independent" that he was very disappointed to have his work removed from the film: "I was so focused and professional, I gave everything to it, and then to not receive everything ... in terms of witnessing my own work. It was extremely unpleasant."
Christopher Plummer, who worked with Malick on the Pocahontas tale "The New World," had even harsher words for the director. Plummer told "Newsweek" last year, "I love some of his movies very much... [but] he edits his films in such a way that he cuts everyone out of them." Plummer said that Malick "gets terribly involved in poetic shots, which are gorgeous... He gets lost in that and the stories get diffused." He added, "I'll never work with him again."
Even actors who had a positive experience with Malick (and ended up in the final film) have still expressed confusion with the director's process, which seems to emphasize lush visuals and non-linear editing over classical storytelling.  Sean Penn, one of the stars of "The Tree of Life," told France's "La Figaro" (as translated by "The New Yorker") that he felt the movie lacked the emotional heft of the screenplay, which he called, "the most magnificent one that I've ever read."  Penn, a director in his own right, said, "A clearer and more conventional narrative would have helped the film without, in my opinion, lessening its beauty and its impact."
The finished version of "To the Wonder" will premiere on September 10 at this year's Toronto FilmFestival.  Terrence Malick has already completed filming on his next untitled film about musicians in Austin, Texas.  That film stars Oscar winners Christian Bale, Natalie Portman and Cate Blanchett, along with Oscar nominees Ryan Gosling and Rooney Mara. That is, unless they get cut out, too.

Lady Gaga’s Extreme Photo Retouch Makeover for Vogue

Shine's fashion and beauty section has seen a lot of retouched photos over the years, and we've come to assume that unless an image of a model or celeb is specifically called out as being 100% organic it is actually chock full of artificial sweeteners and preservatives. Victoria's Secret models 15 pounds lighter/heavier? Yawn. Kim Kardashian with a 22-inch waist and no cellulite? Snore. Still, this behind-the-scenes snap of Lady Gaga being shot for the cover of September's Vogue shook us out of our jaded slumber.
The cover shows Gaga wearing an electric purple Marc Jacobs mermaid gown with her hair in a flaxen halo. Her face is lean and composed like an alabaster statue of an ancient Egyptian cat goddess, her bust perky, and her waist impossibly tiny--impossibly being the key word. "I'm a COVER GIRL, and its FAB" she tweeted when she leaked the image on August 8 in advance of its newsstand release.
A behind-the-scenes montage of the photo shoot released by Vogue and the photographers Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott paints a different picture. The dress is bulky and unflattering, like she's been draped in granny's cranberry satin curtains from the 1982 parlor renovation. Her hair (a wig, in fact) is not so much a halo, but instead what would happen if an angel stuck her finger in a light socket. And her strong-featured face is not slim and placid but full and expressive. An article at Buzzfeed asks, when airbrushing is this extreme, why hire photographers at all? They point out that Vogue might as well have used a fashion illustration.
There has been a lot of news lately about young women demanding that magazines back off on photo retouching, but it appears that publications such as Vogue and some fashion-related companies are going in the other direction. The upscale retailer Barneys even super-slimmed MinnieMouse in a recent campaign. It's so refreshing when models and celebrities refuse to "go under the brush" and show their real faces and bodies. In fact, we think one of Gaga's most beautiful pictures is a selfie tweeted back in march when she let the world see her makeup and filter-free.

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Britney Spears’s Scandalous VMAs Snake: Where Is It Now?

As we count down the days to MTV's Video Music Awards, undoubtedly music's craziest and buzziest awards show, we of course think back to some of the VMAs' craziest and buzziest performances. And that means Britney Spears and her tangled tussle with a certain albino Burmese python, of course. The slinky performance, one of the sexiest in VMAs history, outraged PETA, was immortalized in Madame Tussaud's wax museum, and eventually earned the snake its own Tumbler account. And even Britney herself has that snake on the brain these days, as she recently tweeted regarding its whereabouts.  Sadly, it seems like Britney and her reptilian duet partner have lost touch since they graced the VMAs' stage 11 (yes, ELEVEN!) long years ago.
After posting a link to a photo of herself with the pale python, Britney later happily reported back that the snake is alive, and she finally revealed its name--a surprisingly adorable name, actually, for an animal with the potential ability to kill.
The timing of Britney's tweets was interesting--not only sparking speculation that she and Banana might reunite at the 2012 VMAs on September 6th (a reunion that would certainly go over better than a rumored Rihanna/Chris Brown VMAs duet), but speculation that a certain yellow serpent starring in a brand-new music video was in fact Britney's old scaly friend. You see, freak-pop indie darling Grimes released her "Genesis" video that very same week, and the snake draped around Grimes's delicate shoulders definitely bore a strong resemblance to Banana. Could it be that Grimes had actually coaxed Banana out of retirement for the video?
However, that gossip was soon shut down by Grimes herself, when in an interview with Pitchfork she said of her legless yellow "Genesis" co-star: "It's actually a different python. I wish it was the same python. I was specifically referencing [Britney's] performance in this video. That was one of Britney's best moments."
So...where could Banana be now? With no more Banana-centric tweets forthcoming from either Britney or Grimes, we set off on our own Animal Planet-esque mission to try to find him (or her?). Some research uncovered an identical Burmese python, also named Banana, living at Stump Hill Farm, an exotic animal sanctuary that frequently hires out its furry, feathered, and scaly friends for movies, photo shoots, and performances across the country. Huzzah!Banana had lost last been found! However, sadly, farm owner Cyndi Huntsman crushed our dreams and told us that Stump Hill's Banana is in fact NOT the same Banana that once slithered around Britney's toned torso. Cyndi also explained that it's fairly common for albino pythons to be christened "Banana" because of their bright yellow scales, and because the cute, fruity name makes them relatable to kids--and to pop stars, apparently. So perhaps in the future, Britney Spears can have a whole bunch of Bananas onstage with her. Maybe the Bananas can even get together and form a boy band. Kids would love that!
Considering that Burmese pythons can live to be more than 20 years old, Banana could still come out of hiding during the next decade of surely scandalous VMA awards shows. Will we ever see the original Banana again--maybe wrapping around One Direction, wriggling around Rihanna, cuddling Kanye, or biting Bieber? We shall see. But for now, the VMAs' new theme song seems to be "Yes, We Have No Bananas."

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