Friday, August 24, 2012

Rihanna Red Hair Color

The young singer decided to switch things up a bit with a vibrating and glam hair color. The stylish examples of Rihanna red hair color styles would offer you the chance to see how she mastered the versatile looks by keeping the same shade and matching it with different lengths and cuts. Learn how to adopt a similar trend and steal the styling tricks from Rihanna by skimming through this brief gallery
One of the most beloved and hair style chameleon r'n'b divas is famous of her versatile and always up-to-the-minute looks. Indeed Rihanna takes advantage of the modern inventions of hair styling and changes her hair color more often than almost any other celeb. The secret however this time was to opt for a similar intense and mesmerizing shade that would attract immediate attention. Those who wish to follow her footsteps should take a glimpse at this brief gallery of Rihanna red hair color styles that come in various tones paired with long, midi as well as cute short crops. This is indeed the perfect blueprint on how red behaves when paired with various hair textures and lengths.
vintage red hair styles

traditional red hair styles

Rihanna took hair coloring to the next level and managed to switch her hair color from one uber-glamorous tone to the other in a few weeks. Black was no longer and option to stick to therefore she experimented with blonde as another eye-popping alternative that brings out the best of her edgy haircuts as well as feminine features.

Those who were always impressed by her looks will probably remember how she decided to fuse various shades into a sole hairdo to make the makeover even more inspiring. This time it was the turn of red to make its statement when paired with sleek and smooth locks as well as corkscrews curls.

A fiery hair color as illustrated here would definitely grab the attention of your entourage as well as the cameras. Therefore Rihanna made the best hair dyeing option and tried her hand at red which made her a real addict to this very tone. This time she juggled both with the various shades as well as hair lengths and designs. Flashing her brand new do each time she stepped on the red carpet is indeed the duty and signature mark of a real hair chameleon. Without doubt Rihanna still has some secret weapons in her pocket to keep her fans and the media on their toes.